i need a call

Look at those wrinkles and the weary eyes. Exhausted but still positive.

With the schedule and task I have, “Do I still have time to sleep?”

Yes, I still do sleep, but not enough. I need more than 24 hours a day to accomplish my tasks. And it is not like that I don’t manage my time effectively. It just happens that I got involved in these activities. I can’t stop myself in committing to these things that I can’t have enough time with my self. I don’t know but I enjoy doing it: the cramming, when the deadline is near; the adrenaline that rush in my veins when I am so active with it; the feeling of joy, when I complete and realize a thing; and the people I get along with in doing these things I am busy with right now.

It is not that I don’t say “NO” to other tasks. I am just passionate about it and I get pleasure from doing it. I divide tasks also with other people involved, delegating them to work in the same objective.

But sometimes, I feel like retiring. I got tired also specially, when I reach my limitation and stressed out my self too much. Regaining of energy takes time for me because I really need to secure my health. Though I recover slowly, I get better in learning these things out.

Who want to go with me for a break? I feel like I need it. I need to relax away from pressures and demands. I want somebody to zap these negativities I am feeling right now. It take someone to neutralize these unhealthy stresses I have had.

Good thing, blogging is here, this is one of the activities I do in channeling some anxieties and tensions out of my system. But it seems like I fail to do so. I hope I could have more free time to spend in this online community. I missed you all, guys!

God bless us all!

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