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As you may have noticed, I didn't get to post much this week. I missed some moments with my blog and with you guys. But I am thankful to have you, who are still keeping updated with my posts. I have been busy with some things in school. I'll have to focus on it for a meanwhile. :)

Here is the list of things I am and I’ll be busy with:
> Theory of Computation Program
> Java Compiler Program
> Artificial Intelligence Program
> Thesis System Project
> Academic Tutorial Program (TYG)
> Intramurals (University Week 2007)
> Asian Marist Youth Congress 2007 at Tagaytay
> TAYO 2007Pathways Web site
> Organizational Commitments
> National Search for Outstanding Volunteers 2007
> 3rd Mindanao Volunteer Convention


I am ecstatic to see this picture so I posted it here. It made me smile whenever I see it. I missed to unwind and treating myself to a place where I can have trouble-free moment away from the battle field I am into right. Depressed? Yes, partly, with the stuffs I am doing. Don’t worry I can manage it. I can continue the battle to win it. :)

taking a break at dunkin donut with ciann and ate kix


To ayel and quincy, God bless on the Licensure Examination for Teachers, on Sunday. I’ll pray for both of you guys that everything will go smoothly on Sunday. You’ll not only pass the exam, you’ll top it. Give your best shot for it. Aim high!

God bless us all.

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