bday [again]

John Yrick and Aethen [again] celebrates there birthday.

Today is my second birthday this year. This month I celebrated two significant dates of my existence on earth. First, is the day that my Mother gave birth to an adorable-little me and the same day that God opens the world to me. Second, is the day that the midwife who attended my Mother’s labor mistakenly written the day of my birth as August 13, 1987 instead of August 8, 1987. It was later when my parents found out that the attendant registered my birthdate as August 13, 1987. The attendant was maybe confused of the day, 8 might appeared a two digit and misguidedly she interpreted it as number 1 and 3, 13. I was registered with that birthdate and it was printed in my NSO birth certificate.

I was lucky to only have that clerical error. How much more if the gender was change to Female instead of Male? I have one classmate in engineering class whose gender on his birth certificate is opposite to what he has. He decided to change it and undergone legal process that is costly. In my case, I’ll maybe change it also when time comes that I’ll be financially stable. I just enjoy having two birthdays every year but not going older twice.

Until now, I am using August 13, 1987 as my birthdate in filling out legal and official documents which requires such personal information. But I celebrate my birth day on earth every August 8 of the year but sometimes both and always everyday.

The difference of five days on the dates of my birthdays is not important to what date to celebrate the special day. The date does not matter, everyday should be considered significant to our life because God continue to let us embrace the morning sunshine. Life must be celebrated everyday.

Ciann, a volunteer at the Pathways office who ate a large portion of my cake, and Aethen. ; )

Thank you to all who greeted me this day. I love you all. :)

Have a blessed day, everyone!


I am excited tomorrow because I have a scheduled interview with the University president about my participation to the 2007 Asian Marist Congress at Tagaytay this September. I'll be meeting Bro. Vince Celeste there.

I hope I can do well with him. Pray for me guys!

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