Last Saturday we had a meeting together with the other Philippine delegates for the Asian Marist Youth Congress. We stayed at the Provincial Marist Convent for two days at Lagao, General Santos City. It was a productive discussion we came up with a good presentation that will interpret the roles of the youth in addressing the issues in our country today that concerns them. We were assigned to organize the second afternoon mass and the High Mass on the last day of the congress. We had planned to have an outdoor Mass on the last day to integrate nature and oneness with the surrounding. I just pray that on this day it won’t rain.

I was tasked to make a digital presentation on the topic “Response of the Youth and the Marist community to the contemporary situation of the Philippines” and also on “Tatak Marista, Hubog Marist!” I hope I can finish these two presentations before September 15. I’ll be presenting it to them with narration. Do you have any suggestion for the technicality and concept in creation of the presentation? I would appreciate it much.

The delegates also decided to design a jacket for the congress. I would be presenting my own drawing and proposal for it.

I expect that this congress is filled with spiritual enrichment and awareness on the role of the youth in the society as Christians. It will be packed also with inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogues with the other Asian delegates. Lectures and talks are maximized. I hope I would not get bore with the program they have designed. Maybe I’ll just enjoy myself and participate actively with the other delegates. I am sure that they’re also excited to meet us.

The Asian Marist Youth Congress 2007 delegates from Philippines having a meeting in preparation for the congress. (picture taken by Aethen)

Bro. Vince Celeste will also participate on the Congress at Tagaytay. We will be seeing each other there. See you there, Bro. Vince!

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