T'nalak Festival 2007

After seven festivals since 1999, this year’s 8th T’nalak Festival in South Cotabato, will top them all with new features.
The festival will be preceded by two pre-festival activities, namely, the launching of a Techno Fair on July 1 and an Agri-Trade Fair on July 12.

Tomorrow, July 13, the festival will open with a bang with the Dayana Civic Parade highlighted by a float and cheer dance competition.

Among the highlights of this year’s celebration is the conduct of Bahay Kubo with Product Display Competition among the ten (10) municipalities and one (1) city as well as the Fruits Display & Plants Competition as components of the Agri-Fair. More so, there will be a Pista sa Nayon/Adusay Contest which will depict merry making activities.

A new Mutya of the Province will be crowned also, a week long battle of the bands and beer fest will be held too. Yeah. Beer fest. The 6th Mindanao Modern Dance National Competition has been organized and it will be participated by the outstanding modern dancers all over the country. Also, I heard that two (2) entries for the event will be coming from abroad, one is from Hongkong, I guess. Well, I am sure that this year's festival will be more fun and exciting. The ABS-CBN's Trip na Trip travel show will feature the events and activities that will be held during the entire celebration. Watch the show after the festival you might see us there.

Schedule of the
Festival Activities [click here].

The festival, will run from July 13 to 18, coincides with the 41st Foundation Anniversary of the province of South Cotabato.

Know more about T'nalak Festival at Ayel's blog.

Ayel and me, will be updating you with the events that will be held during the entire festival. Pictures will be posted also. Be part of the Weaving of joy to South Cotabateños us as we celebrate the T’nalak Festival.

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