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While browsing some files on our office computer I found this picture taken last July 7, 2007 during our GeneKewel, it reminds me of how lucky we are to have had organized the event at no expense but only with the collaborative efforts of the volunteers. I just want to share with you how thankful I am for the volunteers who made the Orientation-seminar very inspiring and moving for the new recruited volunteers of the Group. The 2-day event was indeed a success for it really motivates and encourages the Youth to take part in the nation building through educational reform.
From left: Mark, the principal, Ate Sandra, the Project Officer of education Development, Ms. Elma B. Rafil, speaker on Working Professionally in an Organization, Sol, TYG English Dept. Head, and Rog, TYG Volunteer Formation Program Head.
This coming Saturday, July 28, 2007 , the TYG will be having their 1st Volunteer Babad. It is a half-day gathering of volunteers to enrich and empower each one. It will serve also as a General assembly for each departments in the organization. Talks, lectures, and group dynamic activities are included in the preparation of this activity.


I've received a call from Ate Sandra this early morning and she said that I qualified to the National Search of Outstanding Volunteers 2007. She told me that i have to prepare all my certificates and awards received for reference. It mean that I passed the regional screening process. I am now to compete to the National. Being nominated to represent our school is too much and very overwhelming. Having qualified to the national is another. The credit will be for all the volunteers of the T'nalak Youth Group.

To volunteer is my passion especially if it is for a good cause.


School requirements are getting my nerves. Midterm is fast approaching. Deadlines are meeting their ends. Demands are getting more heavier. My sleeps are shortened. Stress and Pressure is everywhere.

I need to have extra time. I need more hands. I need to comply to all my requirements. I need money to fund all of it. I need to control time. I need effective management.

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