I was nominated to the 2007 SOV

The National Volunteer Movement(NVM) opens the Search for Outstanding Volunteers (SOV) this year. The Search for Outstanding Volunteers is a major activity of NVM that confers awards and special citations to deserving volunteers nationwide.

The Search is open to all Filipino citizens and Filipino volunteer organizations. It aims to highlight and recognize the exemplary performance and dedication to service of Filipino volunteers in building strong communities across the country through volunteerism.

The University where I am enrolled was affiliated with SEC and been qualify to nominate Individual volunteers and Volunteer-based organizations for the search.

The Project Officer for Educational Development, Ms. Sandra Mae Bonrustro nominated me for the said Search. I feel happy about it at first but I am not confident for such nomination. The screening process will undergo a rigid and difficult evaluation. I was nominated for the Youth [Individual] Category where nominees must be 15-30 years old and had been active for atleast three (3) years in volunteering and must have significant accomplishments in his/her respective field of service.

I hope that I'll be qualified even in the regional screening phase. But it does not matter to me if I'll not be chosen as one of the outstanding volunteers. Recognition is secondary only. Service and the passion to create a change matters significantly for me.

“Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others.”

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if you want to know more about the NVM- 2007 SOV.

God bless.

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