I’m too drained and anxious to spew out anything of much interest. However, I contradict myself completely as I will now write something of some interest to some people. Let’s begin with the my encounters this past few days. Last Monday I made a closed deal with the President of the College of Business student council in our University. I got officially at hand the deal to develop a system to automate their information and billing manual system. They'll pay 10K for the development of the system. Right now, I am working on conceptualization of the processes and normalizing the pre-designed database for integration of the requirements they have demanded. On the first week of August will be the dryrun period of the implementation. I hope I can meet the deadline for the development of it.


Tomorrow is our GeneKewel '07 (Unang Paghabi), a T'boli term which means "the first weaving". We [T'nalak Youth Group] have had organized a 2-day orientation-workshop for our newly recruited volunteers. There will be talks on Philippines Educational Situation, servant Leadership, Social Responsibility and Volunteerism, and on Behaving Professionally. The activity also includes workshop on Teambuilding and weaving of Core Values. In this activity, we will also bless and confer our volunteers as agent of change, working for the betterment of the Philippine education.

We have dubbed the activity tomorrow as the first weaving because we want tag ourselves as Weavers of Dreams of marginalized youth in South Cotabato.

I have to wake up tomorrow early because I will be leading the group for the opening of the 2-day activity of the organization.

I was overwhelmed by the wanting of my co-volunteers to serve unselfishly to our fellow youth though of the high demand of their studies. I hope that they'll be always have that burning inside their hearts to volunteer and to serve for the education of our country.

God bless.

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