festivities and dunkin donut

Last night we have jammed to the music of the bands who performed at the city's avenue, visited the "Bahay Kubo" exhibit along the alunan avenue - simply showing the ethnicity of the South Cotabate├▒os, enjoyed the free entertainment at the ProTech Center and some time watching people scream at the rides in the Perya. The city's main thoroughfare is the center of events and activities at night. A festive atmosphere is what you can expect as the sun starts to set.

Notre Dame of Marbel University, the school where I am enrolled is located at the city's main road, students seem to be enjoying the festival and had declared a week long festival holiday. Classes are sometimes canceled because an event is going on the street and it will simply disturb the lecture and discussion of the class. Consequently, students will not complain for not have the class, they will even celebrate for it.

The upcoming activities would be more exciting.


After participating to the 1st day celebration of the T'nalak festival, ayel, my blog buddy, and I, dropped-by Dunkin Donut to coffee and bunwich before heading to home. We usually stop at that place after blogging especially if we stay very late at the internet cafe just to post something to blog and to visit our online kapitbahay.

Ayel ordered tuna salad bunwich and a coffee while biboy, me, have a ham and cheese bunwich and a hot coffee. When we already have our order at our table, ayel, grab his bunwich hungrily and have had his first bite on it. He seem enjoying the sandwich on a bun with real tune paste and veges on the side while I just have my sip on my coffee.

Ayel's appetite did not stop him for taking more bites on his sandwich. He does not know that his bunwich was contaminated by some foreign object that the one who prepared it might accidentally dropped or maybe because they simply did not noticed that something was in the bunwich.
DANGER: Ayel while having a bite on his bunwich.
EVIDENCE: A strand of hair was found at the side of the bun of ayel's sandwich.
With this Biboy has loss his appetite to eat.
RESULT: Disappointed. Biboy lost his appetite.
But still he can't let his bunwich left untouched so he finished it after realizing the practicality of having that food in the table. He also remember what his mother said to him, Huwag sayangin ang pagkain, maraming mga batang nagugutom (Don't waste your food, there are plenty of children out there who are hungry). While ayel finished his food also.

And we did not complain for their service and for having that hair on our sandwich. We understand that they also follow standards but sometimes there are cases that lapses will happen. They are just busy, rushing to accommodate all their costumers that night. We will still be your costumer. :)

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