Festivals and etc.

The highlights of the festival is the Madal Be'lan, Kadsagayan A Lalan and Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan Street Dancing Competitions. These are the most awaited event of the south cotabate├▒os. The event will showcase the the rich culture of people in the south of mindanao. The diversity of the races and ethnicity of people in the place is not a hindrance for the development and progress of the province. This is because people in the south cotabato live in harmony and solidarity.
Entry for Madal Be'lan from the Municipality of T'boli.
Madal Be'lan means the people of the land. The dance interpreted the way of life of the natives in south cotabato.
The entry from T'boli for this category take home Php100.000.00 for winning the competition. the other four (4) entries bring home a consolation prize of Php40.000.00 each.
Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan entry from the Municipality of Tupi
Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan, The merrymnaking in the plains, it potrayed the vivacity of life in work, tradition, belief, or religion. The Municipality of Tupi, the defending champion for this year street dancing competition still got the crown for the category, bringing home with them a cash prize of Php100.000.00.

Kadsagayan A Lalan entry from the Municipality of Tupi

Merrymaking in the street is the Kadsagayan A Lalan, originally, called as Kadsayahan sa Dalan [street]. This is the traditional street dancing competition that show the culture of each municipality and city in the province, bring the best and real life of people in their area. It was a very exciting and enjoyable event that we watched even though the sun was so high. Tupi got the bacon for this category also. They all went home with a total cash prize of Php240.000.00. I vouch also that they will win the two categories they have participated.

The festival ended with a Popular Dance Showdown at Alunan Avenue, which was participated by different recognized and outstanding dance groups in the province, Disko sa Kalye [Street Disco] follows the showdown until sawa, and a 15 minutes Fireworks display which draw the attention of the people who are there around and underscores the concluding events that night.

I love South Cotabato for its people.

The Friends and the Mutya

From left: The 2nd runner-up, Jo, the Mutya ng Kultura at Sining, Ryan, and his classmate, Mika, the Mutya ng Turismo.

After the street dancing showdown competitions, we are able to take a picture with our friends who won and been crown with titles as Mutya of the province. We have not able to have a picture with the Mutya ng South Cotabato [the grand winner] because she was with the Governor exiting from the place. Ryan and I were very happy to have that moment. Anyway they will be ordinary when they are in school but they are in spotlight at the that matter.

More pictures of the events during the festival.


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