done this, done that

The week was very exhausting. I had a hectic schedule doing things and stuffs that was expected and planned this week. I am effecting my operative time management skill in doing all these scheduled activities and events.

The 1st Volunteers’ Babad.
TYG organized the first general assembly for the new volunteers and it was designed to mold and develop volunteers’ holistic being. This month’s babad session was focused on Self-awareness giving importance on Multiple Intelligences.

We are really glad that we still have that number of volunteers who attended the session. Unexpectedly, we are surprised of the overwhelming interest of volunteers to serve and to learn more about the cause of the organization. We thought that it will be a trend for the TYG volunteers to be inactive as time of their commitment in the org elapsed. We hope that we can change this tendency.
In the conduct of our babad session we are able to let our volunteers stomped the aluminum cans of cola that we have collected during the College of Science and Technology Acquaintance party. We made that activity as a game so that the volunteers will enjoy crashing and stomping those tin cans. We called the game as You CAN do it! where the volunteers were grouped into small groups of eight. The game was to create a highest tower using the tin cans placed in their group. After deciding the round we told them to stomp the cans in the fastest time. The game ended with a brief processing relating to the talk the group had.
That night I to attended the acquaintance party of the College of Business courtesy of the special invitation. I was given two VIP invitation for the party for the credit of being the developer and programmer of the college council billing system project. I gave the other invitation to ayel since there are no other person who deserve the invitation. He was part also of the SAD team for the development of that system. In the party we felt like gate crashers since we were the only students who does not belong to the business college. Well they won't mind us I guess and besides we were officially invited.
Later that evening in the party, we collected aluminum cans for TYG's fund raising. We had three large bags of cans when we exited the hall while the students were discoing. We would have more collected cans if we stayed longer in the hall. Though we can only have 80.00 pesos per kilo of stomped aluminum cans still it would be a great help for our fellow youth in South Cotabato to get into college. Also we will have more cans for our You CAN do it! game. It would be fun.
Acads and more of Academics. I was drowned by the requirements and projects that I have. Deadline was meeting their ends very soon and I still have to cram to start working for these requirements. Another is the System that the Business college demanding to be launched on the second week of August. I hope that I can comply to all these demands and deadlines.
Nomination. I was nominated for the SMC (Saint Marcellin Champagnat) Award in the University. It was the highest award that the University confer to deserving students but I feel not worthy for the award because of the criteria - a nominee must embody Marcellin's principles. The nomination will be also the basis to who will the school send as participant to the Marist Asian Congress this year. Pray for me guys!

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