Areas of Growth and to Work On

I’ve been tagged by Bro. Vince Celeste to blog seven random stuff about me, but now I’m not only giving you random facts about me but I’m sharing with you feedback of my friends and advicers on my strenghts and weaknesses.
  • I seem prefer to do things by myself.
  • Effective time management scheme.
  • Can't say No for a good cause.
  • has a sense of leadership and very passionate.
  • Weak but determined.
  • Need to be more stable both mental and emotional.
  • Skill in Public Speaking. I always have butterflies in my stomach whenever i am to give a speech.

Here, I would like to tag these bloggers and I hope you make your own version, too. And of course, please tag another seven-friend bloggers as part of this rule Ariel Lalisan, Jehzeel Laurente, Quincy John Tampo, John Paulo Aguilera Lamano, Winston Almendras, CourtChief, and Nash - Wonderboy. I hope it’s just okey for all of you, guys. ;)

God bless.


The Genekewel '07 had concluded just this day. The programs and activities we have had organized were successful. I hope that we had inspired and moved our volunteers to serve and to be committed to their responsibility as volunteer of the T'nalak Youth Group. Yes, I am sure that we have awaken the passion and spirit of volunteerism on them.

Being a servant leader is our training for them. Taking an action for the nation building and for the attainment of our goal for a better education in the Philippines.

The 2-day orientation-seminar we have organized is the first step to realize our cause - to provide access to "quality" higher education to the marginalized but gifted youth of South Cotabato. Together with the new set of volunteers we will create paths for a better Mindanao.

Inbehalf of the T'nalak Youth Group we would like also to thank Ayel for imparting his ideas on volunteersim and on his talk on servant leadership and for facilitating and sharing his expertise in managing a class to our volunteers, giving them inputs on strategies on how how to handle a tutorial session class and for his continued support for the organization.

Though your not anymore a member of the organization, you'll always be part of the TYG family. Thank you for always inspiring the volunteers and being a model for them. Thank you and God bless.

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