Does number determine loneliness?

I feel like alone whenever I am with my classmates. It is not because they hate me nor do they have something against me. It’s the feeling that I feel that they do not listen to me. I become true as I express myself to them deliberately too. Maybe I over shown them the real me and I have not anticipated what will it result to them. They resist my being me and keep on letting me feel that I done something wrong and that I disappoint them for what they expect me to be.

Feedbacks are always good. It will give you self-awareness so that you can guard your self. It will make also a sound relationship it you listen and open to it.

Friendship is really measured on the problems undergone and times you understood and helped each other. It was challenging for me to bring back the amity we have for almost four (4) years. I cannot let a little blot on our relationship ruin the bond we have had.

Though I have a number of friends around me, I still suffer the feeling of being alone. I want to fill the emptiness that made me feel this way. I only have few true friends that I can identify as True friends. Yes! Only few of them are real but I did feel alone with them. Expressly, it’s hard to give your self to others for friendship when they locked their hearts for it.

I will always be open for all of them. I will always understand them. I hope that they’ll be also. I’ll never reject our friendship; I’ll be always your friend.

It is good that this happen to my life. I appreciate relationships by experiencing the different taste of it. It will make you better and strong.


I attended my last acquaintance party in our college last Saturday. It really feels sad that it was my last. I won’t experience anymore the competitions between departments in the college during the celebration before acquaintance party. I won’t be kuya anymore to the lower years. I won’t experience the jamming moments with the college bands after the program. I won’t be bringing anymore extra packed foods at home. Hehe. I won’t feel the party atmosphere created by the students’ energy to any more.

I gonna miss all of these. Seniority really made me feel that I still want to enjoy life in college. I know I have to go on the process and attain my objectives.

But I am sure I’ll be experiencing more of it at a different way. :)

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Abou said...

di ka mag iisa parekoy he he