I am in my final year in college and the demand of my course is very high. I have to think of my project for thesis and it will be presented on Monday. My instructor really wants the title and description of the system we will be developing that will give solution to a certain problem in a specific field.

These are the options I have for my system project.

1.) Online Card Catalogue Retrieval System. PHP+MySql read more
2.) NDMU Online Grade Inquiry and Information System.
My own idea. Boring. PHP+MySql or Java+MySql
3.) JVC-ADC Accounting System. We are developing this system right now.
4.) Customized NDMU Enrolment System and Online Registration.

I am considering also making a study on the effects of implementing an application in a community. Just like what Winston have suggested, “Urban poor yung target mo… farmers for example”. He is trying to tell me to develop a customized accounting system for farmers that will cater to their needs. It is more likely a online collaboration of farmers’ financial management. Another he had suggested is the Data kiosk, a system that accepts inquiries and inputs from a touch screen monitor and presents searched information. The disadvantage there is the cost of developing the system. Though it is in trend, I have no budget to finance it. Hehehe.

If I cannot settle with one final system project, I will simply have Online Card Catalogue Retrieval System as my thesis project to work on. Additional necessary feature will just be added and I will just enhance and upgrade it.

You can leave some suggestions in my comment side if you have some brilliant ideas of a system to develop that will certainly give solution for the automation and making a process efficient and easy in a specific context of a problem in any fields.

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