A Rushed System Project Proposal

It was the second week of my class in Methods of Research, a preparatory subject for our thesis creation next semester. This week should be an easy week for us but it seemed that we were having major time in complying the demands of our instructor at this early start of our class in that subject. On our first meeting, she asked us to submit the title of our proposed system project and she instructed us to have a pre-presentation of the overview of our project. Just this afternoon, we had the powerpoint presentation for it. After I presented, she gave me good suggestion on my system project entitled, NDMU Online Card Catalogue Retrieval System, and she approved it for further study and GUI and database development stage.

It seems that we are being rushed by our instructor. The demand was very high and our instructor expects of too much from us. Whaah! I think next week; we will have our defense for that.

I hope I can make it to her deadlines and demands. Pray.

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