Mother sees me naked

It’s been 6 years since the last time my mother had seen me naked, not until this morning when she had enter unnoticed in my room while I am preparing myself to school.

No more than 14 years old when I started to have privacy and started keeping things secret which I believe is something important for a grown up to keep in himself. You know what I mean - boys’ things.

It was this morning…

When I was about to have on my undy when she came into my room, she was then confound and turn away and laugh so loud; trying to make me peach or red. I don’t feel shy at that moment. I was just not comfortable unclothed infront of my family members. Whaah. My face suddenly goes red. I vouch she did see my *thing; she really did. Anyway, she is my mother, why would feel uncomfortable to show to her my future where infact I did not feel that way to my closest. ; )

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