In every final year of my studies, I always leave a legacy that my classmates would still remember until now. Everytime they will hear these word they usually associate it with me. It is not something that is worth praising and it cannot be considered as an achievement. In fact it should be corrected. What are these? These are the mispronounced words that had come out in my mouth, unconsciously.

When I was in Grade 6, I was reciting and my teacher in English keep requesting me to repeat my answer because there was something wrong with my sentence. I wondered what it was. but still, I was confidently convincing my teacher of my answer. Not until my teacher had told me of my mistake. I was repeating my answer for 10 times without knowing that I have not pronounced correctly the word “does”. I read it as /doz/ instead of reading it as /dAz/ or [duhz]. My classmate laughs at me and it does really embarrass me. Well, that was in my elementary.

Another is in fourth year in high school, we were making an advertisement and we have this sort of magic pencil to promote. In the middle of the of presentation for it, I have unconsciously pronounced “pencil” as /pin-sil/ in a high pitch tone. It became then the famous tagged line that was associated to tease me in high school. It sounds this way, “flying pinsil”. Well, they loved me for my mispronounced words.

Now, I am in my last year in college, I hope I would not leave another mark to my mispronounced words experience. Though I have too many of it already in college, I don’t think that it will be that funny compared to my high school and elementary experience.

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