Back To School

Back To School – Whaah! I am in back school and I don’t have much expectation ‘bout it. Today is my first day in class and I am only half excited ‘bout it. I thought that it would be different this time but still the same thing had happened as about the previous semesters. The same first day of class procedures were still used, the instructor will simply get you class card, check his class list and after that, he will simply tell the class, Good day, class, see you on next meeting! Whaah. Now, that was great. I have been to school for the whole day for only that meeting. Hay. Anyway, that was the first day, I hope tomorrow will be different. I want to get the lectures and discussion started ahead.

My class schedule every TTH was so relaxing because, I only have 3 subjects and all of it were scheduled in the afternoon. While my sked every MWF was very loaded and almost all of my majors were taken in this schedule. Need to manage my time effectively and must focus on my majors. Whaah. I think this will be the toughest semester I will have.

I am only half excited ‘bout the opening of classes this year, I am only excited to the allowance and incentive that I’ll be getting during school days. Hehehe.

Opps… I have to sleep early tonight so that I can catch my first class tomorrow at 7:30am. You know, I am having difficulty in pulling myself out in the bed every morning. Good luck.

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