I got 90 in my apprenticeship training as programmer at the MIS Department of MUTI. A man, who doesn’t work for best, doesn’t get best out of his work. This is my own realization on the grade I have had received. Our supervisor has this comment on my evaluation sheet that the office has submitted to the University;

He has a sense of leadership.
Has initiative on the nature of work.
Improve punctuality and time-management.

Yes, indeed, I have shown the first two observations in my training. I just really have this sickness of time, I have less control over it or simply I just want to be important. The remarks I have, truly reflects my performance in my training. I honestly admit that I failed to discipline myself when it comes to punctuality. But, what is still good about it is that, I learned [that I have to work for it] and try to be the time and on time. Another is that, I have maintained my requirement to be magna cum laude. Pray.

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