2060 the end of the world, says Newton

So many have predicted the end of the world. No one has gotten the exact time yet. Because I think it won't happen. A 1704 letter that went on show in Jerusalem on Sunday, says otherwise.

Would you believe it? The letter was from the renowned British scientist Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics and astronomy. He predicted that the world would end in 2060. Newton based his prediction on a Biblical text. He studied Alchemy also, the notion that base metals can be turned into gold. Would his intelligence enough to predict the end of our world? Is he accurate in his calculations?

I guess the simple cartoon strip above will explain when will be the END of the world, and it's near. Let us not take it seriously to when the World will end. Lets just live our lives at its fullest and enjoy it. Newton has just his predictions. He didn't know the exact date of the conclusion of everything. Believe. It won't happen. Otherwise, silver surfer will have our earth as his next target and no Fantastic Four will save us.


Struck by the movie? Yep. It was good. You must see it also.

Spiderman and Silver Suffer are very decisive. They make good and right decisions. What they want to tell us is that "we always have a choice" and it's our choice which determines our decision/s in life. It also goes with my Friendster's shout "I know for sure that what we decide on is who we become.". Our choice. Our Decision. Our Life.

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