MUTIful Summer!

From left: Ate Angel (MUTI System Programmer II), Jomae (the database manager of the team), Me ( Head programmer, System Analyst), Gerard (Programmer, GUI/Interface Designer).
The Team is about to have their Presentation of the Proposal for the Accounting System of ADC-JVC and for the signing for approval of the proposal.

Whaah! At the moment I have a total 144 training hours as apprentice at the MIS Department of Marbel Universal Trading Inc. and I still have to get 96 more hours to complete my requirement in my course for this summer apprenticeship training.

I attend to the office and sit there in front of [my] Computer for eight hours every day, Monday to Saturday. It was a skillful training fitted for our field of specialization. It integrates the things we have learned in school to practice.

Programming was never been easy since before I have entered the world of it and has pretended to be geeky in practice. But with this training I have in MUTI, I appreciate now the effort of a programmer. I been keen to the nature of the work and I want to learn more about it. With this experience, I become more interested and focused on my field.

It was even more challenging now that we are working with an Accounting System of the Joint Venture Cooperative of Aqua de Calidad, a purified water refilling and distributor station that has many branches in South Cotabato. The project was given to us and they have provided us with software and hardware materials for the development of the system. With the module they have provided, they give us the power to let us do alone all the processes and stages of the system development. Beginning from the data gathering, interviews, and data designing to coding and implementation of the system our team will do it but of course with supervision and moderation of the boss.

I, Jomae, and Gerard will work as one Team for this project. Currently, we are in the System Analysis Design stage and we are having difficulties in defining the transaction of the Cooperative. If we’ll not identify and understand it systematically, we will not be able to associate entities from one another which is primary in the design of database.

We can make it. Our team is made of good players; Jomae, as the Database and System Designer and responsible for the analysis of the operation of the cooperative. Gerard, as the Interface and GUI developer and he is good also in analysis and programming. And me, Mark, as the team leader, the Programmer, responsible in interrelating the entities and functions of the system. Together we will be completing the system and will be authored as the programmers of the JVC Accounting System. We will be lucky if it will be approved and will be implemented in the cooperative because we’ll receive compensation.

~ Adaj! kaya naming ‘to! ~

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