6 days

The 4th National Pathways Youth Convention in Ateneo de Manila University, QC concluded last day, it was a great experience and opportunity that we had - to share and discuss how fruitful our project and program was. The convention was dubbed as "4ging ties at 5". It is the 5th Anniversary celebration of Pathways in the Philippines.

The event was organized to strengthen the youth groups' service and to evaluate the impact of their effort in the society. The program was designed to celebrate the 5 years productive existence of pathways in helping young Filipino Youth. An Educathon was also organized, a fund raising marathon for the education development programs of Pathways to Higher Education. There are celebrities who walk for education and walk to talk the advocacy.

The 3-day convention was very inspiring for all of us who volunteered and believed for the cause of the organization. The network of friends of the volunteers became wider where, Goodbyes are hard to sell. We would be missing each other so much though; we have met and known each one for almost 3 days only.

Well that will be fleeting for now; I believe our PATHs will meet again.


We have visited the Intramuros, “The walled city”. It was raining then that time, so we have not enjoyed it much. We only stayed at the van while touring the place.

We also went to the SM Mall of Asia. It was so wide and one can’t tour it around for a day. We have our Lunch and dinner there.

That night after ‘Mall’ing, we went to the World Light Expo 2007. We watched the concert and the program that night. We were entertained also by The Korean group of break dancer (sorry I forgot the name of their group) who won an International title for being the best in break dancing. We were amazed also by the light exhibits and group lanterns of different concepts. Koreans set-up the exhibits and lanterns magnificently. The lights and effects made it all worth visiting for. There are fireworks also. You will say and think that its Christmas when you were there. Cameras were clicked every second. The entrance fee was worthy of the entertainment it gave.

After that, we have our dinner at the Gerry’s grill in Blue Waves. Their sisig was good.

Then we stayed and have our rest at Ate Aya’s house.


I will be getting busy these days. I’ll be back to my apprenticeship tomorrow.


Yesterday, I feel low.
My heart is beating so fast.

I miss someone.

Help. I need a Hug. I need to zap your energy.
I want to Live.

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