Lucky Me!

Wow! I was tagged by Mrs. Magallanes [my instructor before in Math 122- Differential Calculus] as “Little Leithold”, named after the author of the Calculus book used in the University [Louis Leithold]. She told her class of engineering students in Integral Calculus that I am one of her brightest student. The students in her class praise me of the title every time and whenever they see me in the campus.
I was flattered then by the honor.

Mrs. Laguna’s Class in Chemistry of engineering students also tagged me as Mrs. Laguna’s favorite/most wanted. [Mrs. Laguna is my instructor in Chem 121 last School Year. What was funny about her is that, she gave me PHP100.00 to register in Deal or No Deal game show as a contestant. She strongly believes that I can have the million in the game show. She really keeps in convincing me to join the said game. But I am quite guilty because I have used the money to other things. Hehehe… kind of naughty, right?] .
I was recognized in the college by those groups of students that way. It's funny, because I am not use to it. But I flaunt with it [ as expected ].
I got high grades both with the two instructor I've mentioned; and I really love 'em.


I was blessed to have received the 2006 Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute Junior Level Assistance Program (2006 DOST-SEI JLAP Scholarship).

I have signed the contract already this afternoon and I am very glad and happy about it. I would not be worrying much on my finances next school year. My Mother for sure is happier than me about it. She will not problem much now about my tuition fees next year.
Although I have this scholarship, I know for sure I would not enjoy the benefits from it much. The tuition fee in the University I am enrolled in would increase by 10% plus some additional Miscellaneous fees that are not reasonable. May God bless the poor students [and you can always include me].

I really thank God for these blessings.

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