more things of nonsense

My mind is like a sponge, I feel that I am intellectually positive hungry right now – everything seems to be very interesting. It is maybe because of my intention to feel more proficient at something that used to frustrate me.

Feeding it [mind] is rewarding. But gluttony is another thing.

It seems that this is very poetic and figurative. But this is how I took things around the school.

Classroom is really the world I live in; Laboratory is another dimension that I talk with bits and numbers. And both of them make demands more requirements and projects than ever. Deadline is their cousin and it makes me cram when they’re nearby the corners. Instructors and Heads are their mechanism – they are the stimuli and life blood of the two worlds I’m into. These are the components that require me to respond to what the worlds and their mechanisms demands.
And it seems also that I move and live with these components by simply taking advantage of all the stimulating lessons to learn.

Nonsensical is just the thing. Ironically, all that was written here is significant and has brains. Please.

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