Yeah... five days left to end the Christmas-break holiday/school holiday. Partially I can say that whole time of festive holiday is really fun. No school & no homework. These are the things that got me bored. Well perhaps, it’s also groovy to have no of these things this holiday. But I spent most of my time with my bed and food all through out the holiday.
There are also many invitations to some parties and birthdays around the corner. And I love attending to it.
Last Dec. 24, our family went to a reunion in General Santos. It was the 2nd get-together party of our relatives in my father side. Annually, they usually organize such event like this. And this time we are significantly involve in the preparation of it. It ended so fun, knowing my cousins and relatives that I haven’t been acquainted with before. Hehehe… I’m absent to some previous reunion of the family.
I’ve also celebrated many Christmas party with my friends and family, last December 27 I went to Del Rio Splash Resort for a Christmas gathering/get-together party/reunion with friends and classmates from High School, a simple party full of laughter and story-telling about each one’s life in college and of mischievous things and of many pop-up topics. Most of the conversations were about what's been goin' on with our lives. I can’t imagine how most of them grow and change for prime of life. Well I expect these things to happen. it was really great time spending some moment together and missing each other like we haven’t seen each one long before.
Yesterday, I have attended the 21st Birthday party of Kuya Reggie at Del Rio again. I met familiar faces there and some friends that I could not recognize but knows me.
Just this morning, I went to the COMELEC office to register for the 2007 May elections. After obtaining the form for 3 hours of wait, the officer outside the office told us to return this afternoon, because, they will have their lunch break. Oh God, now that was great! Imagine how long the queue outside their office and how disorganize their system was. If only my vote is not of value to the country, I wouldn’t wake-up early just to wait there and bore. They could not accommodate all of the registrant. I wish they would extend the registration period until next year.
It really feels good and enjoy when its holiday and break, right? *lols. But of course Christmas season is to celebrate Jesus and it’s His Day not ours.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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