The AYLC 2007 Interview Phase in Makati city concluded last week, it was a great experience and opportunity that God had given me. But one thing, I have not enjoyed during my stay in Makati is that – I have not able to neither travel nor walk around to see the sights of the urban. I was just clever to go around the greenbelt and nearby stalls. However it was not maximized since time was so limited to have my spare laag.

In the search for effective leaders in society and in the academe, I want to thank Kuya Ayel (for his moving advice and tips; and for his black shoes), Kuya Jhy-r (for his warm -long-sleeves), Ate Sandra (for her necktie and suggestions), Ate Leann and Pathways family. Without your good things and supports, I might not able to feel comfortable and free from anxiety.
It really works. Thanks!

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