2006 is almost over

In 2006...
My favorite memories of 2K+6: The highlights

January 2006. received a full-tuition fee discount for the one semester.
February 2006.enjoyed pathways week and other final-term school activities .
March 2006. graduated with Honors in first Course in College .Elected as one of the Student Council Officer in the College.
April 2006. represented NDMU in 3rd National Pathways Youth Conference at Cebu.
May 2006. spent a working vacation in DOLE XII Office as SPES grantee.
June 2006. got a new Scholarship.
July 2006. had an excellent academic performance and maintaining.
August 2006. significantly celebrated my 19th Birthday with pathways family and friends: birthday celebration but filled with astonishing feeling.
September 2006. took JLAP 2007 Examination at Davao.
October 2006. represented NDMU in 2nd Mindanao Pathways Volunteer Convention at Davao.
November2006. represented NDMU in Nationwide AYLC 2007 Interview Phase at Makati City.
December 2006. meaningfully enjoying the festive holidays and Thanking God for the blessings in life.
2006 is the most important year of my years. I dominated fright and fear. I took risks and conquered it. I made fun and fun leading to joy. I achieved and accomplished a lot of things. I met and found new friends. I have been to different places in the country. It gave me experience and blessings in life.
in 2007, My Resolution would be…

be friendlier
be more responsible
save money seriously
be more committed
be extra aware of myself and actions
be more open-minded
be more close to God
to make real all of these resolutions
and hmmm….

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