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I have visited this day the AYL website to check if they already have posted the list of qualified applicants for Interview for AYLC 2007. As the packets of the monitor slowly complete the window, a search bar appears and prompts the user to search and check who are qualified for interview. And as I hit the search bar and have had set the entry in the bar to “Notre Dame of Marbel University” and have pressed the Go Button.
The page turns to another and has displayed:
List of Qualifed Applicants for Interview
November 22-24, 2006 - Ayala Tower One, Makati City

Notre Dame of Marbel University
Agana, Mark Aethen Gallano
dela Cruz, Ronnel Victor Joaquin
Two (2) among the Top 150 qualified applicants for Interview Nationwide
Waaaaa… luckily I’ve passed the preliminary screening to the AYLC. I never expect that I'll be one of the Top 150 applicants who will face the executives of the Ayala Foundation. But from the start, I have the faith that the Ayala Secretariat would found a leadership capability in me.

Thanks God for giving me such opportunity, I know it would be a great experience.

Wish me luck and God bless.

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