HS friends together again

Wow I haven't seen them in years!

Well, last night was the first ever night that I have ate BBQ and Durian with my HS classmates in baywalk. We had about 8 people show up, and everyone seemed to have a good time. It our sembreak, for that reason, we have decided to share some time together with our HS classmate since they went home to spent 2-weeks vacation here.

We have watched D.O.A. – ‘Dead or Alive’, ate Durian, mall hopping, and shared laughter and stories of our different life in college, and other things that we are common. It was really a different thing spending time with your old HS classmate-friends. I can’t imagine that we have grown that much and differently - Environment really affects one’s personality. But, the good thing was – we have changed for advantage, maturity and independence.

On Christmas, we will be scheduling to have another get-together party. I Hope more of them will be coming home and will be participating.

We'll do this next year and next, and hopefully we'll have a better turnout and more classmate will come.

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