at the MV Convention 2006

The 2nd Mindanao Volunteers Convention ended last Friday. Two and a half days jampacked with lectures, workshop sessions, meeting friends, networking with other pathmakers, and fun, and lots of fun.
I have enjoyed the conventions, mainly because I have met people - old friends, new friends, and people I don't even know who go on to become friends. It's a real high for those of us who like a fast pace. Lectures, talks and group dynamics activities interest me too. But, it's still draining. So, I try to take little "breaks" to recoup my energies.

But, what I really like in the convention is that co-participants were very friendly and talented, that - sometimes a friend you hadn't met yet passes by, sees you, and drops beside you for a brief chat. That’s always nice. You might have missed each other otherwise.

For that, I am overwhelmed and so very, very grateful. Thank you, everyone.
Right now, I’m missing them so much - friends from HCDC, AdDU, XU, AdZU, FSUU, and NDTC. I hope we’ll see each other again – soon. I genuinely appreciated the time, company, and laughter we have had shared.

'continue making paths for brighter Mindanao for a better Philippines.
Madamo nga Salamat!

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