White and Blues...

The past couple of weeks have been mostly top-heavy. Lots of little things . . . club and organization appointments and commitments, watching last full-show movies, much Intramural preparation and studies, going home late at night and/or early in the morning , conversations with the new acquaintances, less sleep and less time for myself . . . that sort of things.
I haven't had the time or energy to write the thoughtful and involved posts I'd like to write, and I don't have the motivation to write a lot of little inane posts at this time. I just think they are just not interested with it.
…I am hoping that I would be chosen in the AYLC even at interview only, but I'm not even close to ready for that. This past month's changes in diet and lifestyle have pretty much taken over my life and left few resources for anything else.
Right now I need to focus time and energy on finishing a couple hard computer programs and projects --a requirement in my course.
I had really hoped to have some organizing and fulfilling done before deadlines met ends; it would make things so much easier for me. I'll just have to content myself with small, gradual, and hopefully relatively consistent progress.
Right now I'm just tired, not feeling well, and very busy. I'm feeling a bit like a hamster running crazily on an electric wheel that won't stop turning. I don't really feel like writing much. It's not just writing, either--I'm pretty burned out with just the commitments and appointments, Intramurals preparation, and trying to catch up on the ever-getting-away-from-me school projects and requirements. I'm having trouble doing anything that requires much mental energy lately.

I really need to have lot of sleep and time to relax. Thanks to the college council; they provide me with vitamins and supplements + free movie tickets… hehehe…I can now save my energies and can use it “when I really need them." Those are so nice to have.

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ariel said...

gud luck sa AY mark...i know you are good...kya mo yan...