I’ve been through lots of misadventures these past few days that led me into a twist of troubles.
Ø My over due Simulation Program on CPU Scheduling that I’ve worked for three weeks was accidentally deleted by my classmate while I am away. I can’t help but to repeat it from scratch. I hope I can manage the deduction I will earn from it - for it will be long due. I don’t want to blame my classmate because I don’t want to - I just want to be silent. Though, I know they are responsible for that lost and they must do something. But I don’t require them to do so. I will let them see the wisdom on that situation.

Ø I was checked and been held by the guard in the mall for the reason that the item-tag detector alarmed as I pass the exit door. Everybody’s eye seems to be in me. They might be thinking I have snatched or shoplifted some items. It was too shameful, but I am not guilty or to that effect. I know I am innocent and not accountable to anything. I just wondered why it alarmed. Funny later they found out that the CD-RW disc I brought inside cause the detector to alarm. Anyway it was an unusual then.
Ø I have forgot my password in LAN (Local Area Network). I had changed it last night and I can't remember what I have put there as my new password. whaaa! Am I just growing old or am I just very stress and preoccupied of too many end-of-the-semester school requirements.
...And life has more to offer. I can't wait to experience it.
I must go on!

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Ruiz said...

awwww! goodluck sa iyong program! ang hirap umulit sa simula! yun lang!