Universally me!

I‘ve realized that I'm really not good in expressing myself to other people. Sometimes being a man isn't that easy too. As for me, I tend to be very secretive in some way. Even in tears, though are shallow, I never expressed it that much either. I have just tried to be strong.

Even in the time that people needed me most, I left them hanging. Sometimes I just need to see reality before I act to it or prioritize things more than their request and concern. I don’t know why I stand that way. Maybe I am just too preoccupied by school works and activities. Even though, they have treated me well and have given me things I wanted. They are willing to give their support on effects I considered necessary.

Honestly, sometimes I become self-absorbed and selfish on some aspects. I become secretive in some ways. Thus, results to misinterpretation of other about myself – my inner self. It’s not because I grew up like that, but at least, it makes me different - and I really choose to be like that. It is still a good thing that I acknowledge that I am such.

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ryan said...

"i dont know why i am reading you post entitled 'Universal me!' several times... basta ewan ko basta gina liwat liwat ko basa..."