“The Death Of Adsense”

The most controversial report on the Internet today was the death of adSense. Forums anywhere are ablaze, blogs are burning and those who are affiliated with it are screaming in dismay; including me and my WeBlog.

”Make a Fortune in Adsense. Click counts”

When I saw Google advertised about Adsense and letting me determine how much they'd pay for a click in a page, I registered with it... even though, I know that my page would not be that interesting to visit; and it will not count a thousand of visitors every month.

I believe many people registered with Adsense; many wants to make a fortune putting Adsense code on their webpage. Though they were not assured to be paid of clicks on their page.
Now I know this won't work anymore. Quite a loss. Loss of hope, for those who are expecting to be paid - numbers of click on their site.
I don't think the experts will be telling people this news anytime soon...
Read more about it. [click here]


kukote said...

Adsense is alive, definitely, and I'm still earning from it. :D How about reading Adsense is Alive?

ariel said...

huh? the news articles are quite confusing. which/whose truth is the the real truth?

anywaiez, i'm not directly affected. i'm juz itched with how [unconfirmed] news can spread faster than fire in a firecracker store.

whaah! the future of is world is a blurrrrr!

aethen said...

I donno... but that's what according to i read. I don't believe them either! they have not shown enough proof!
We will see what's the truth about it. :D