Late and Nothing!

I cant believe I got a zero in a quiz....

Frustrating. The first time, I got zero in a quiz. But i am not affected by this, I know now, I'll be early next time.

After all of my efforts in participating in the class, what happened to me? I got zero (0) over one hundred (100) for the first time. What is more frustrating - is that I have not obtained that score because I don't know what to answer. It is because, I came late to the class and I haven't taken the exam. More of it, I don't have any paper nor anyone to spare me one.

I ask my self, what was that about?! Oh well! All I can do is rant and rant! Can't really cry over spilled milk, can I? So that's pretty much what happened to me today! I'm just happy that God blessed me with strength to control my temper... and somehow on some level remain calm about it. I still have half of the semester to work harder on that subject. I need to perfect the exam just to maintain my academic standing. Wish me luck! :)

There would be always downsides. No one's life is perfect, technically.


/iambrew said...

im sorry to hear about the "zero"

but like u said, there's still half the semester to work hard or harder...

i wish you luck. but i know u can do it.

sleep early so u wont be late again for class.

wahehehe. mwah!

ariel said...

haaay...life's like that, mark...believe me, the good ones will be victorious--GBU!

aethen said...

ei you are right kuya! There will be another day for us that waits. It depends on how we respond and live-on it!

shelan said...

zero! not very like of you. well, ok lang yan. it's sometimes good to experience things that you had never imagined your self could be in to. it could be frustrating though, pero bago namna sa listahan mo ng kabiguan. hahaahhahahha! good thing is... it will push you to study even harder. good luck!