Alone this time

I have a feeling of aloneness. I feel it inside my room and in every corner of the campus. I feel nothing but a portion of my mind is fascinated and seemingly have had endless complexities of thoughts and stillness.
Fearing every second, that no one might occupy the empty space within me.

I prefer to bury the feelings not.

Not now.

In a moments like this, when everything seems to be far-out your reach. When every situation results differently from what you expect. When you are intemittently disturbed by a noisy neighbor and every one around you seems to dislike you. Feeling alone.

But despite of all this event, I still take a glance of a good life. I could easily watch myself do sprightly activities that will complement my feeling of being alone. I have noticed myself in a state of solitude.

I am alone, but not really lonely. God is with me.

I saw a small crack on the wall in my room only I could see. I do not want to know everything about stillness now. I want this feeling to repeat. But, Not now. Not tommorow. Maybe again when every one around me agreed and have plotted to revenge. "Resback" is what they call it. I have done nothing wrong. I dont know.


When it happens again, I will make sure I'll leap much higher to see more, observe deeper to know more and notice the different setbacks they have.


[ShawBoy] said...

damn I love the pic and how you delivered what you see and feel...

aethen said...

yah, thanks! but I doesn't feel the same feeling now!