I am really desperate enough to put this in my blog.

I need someone who will sponsor my college education.

I affirm you that you’ll never be disappointed if you invest for my education.
this is real - I am serious about this
if you are interested just email: marthen_18@yahoo.com


ariel said...

Mark, it's quite ironic. we're in pathways because we want to help other young people to have better access to higher education, but look at us...well, Mark, I;ll help you pray. That's the nest thing I can do for you. God bless you!

aethen said...

hehehe! it is very true kuya ayel... but it's too bad and ironic kuya... that the fact we are too experiencing the same problem shared by our participants...

hehehe anyway, God is always there! He will provide us... just pray and strive!

God Bless us all!

cyberpunk said...

hmm, you DO realize that this can be interpreted in another way, right? :D