Team Building

I have spent my weekends doing some team building activities in Jasmine Farms. It was very nice and, I had some good conversation about our council and about connecting with the other college council officers. It's a very good thing to understand how you fit into the success of your Student Council.

I always feel like to be part of the solution and never part of the problem, in any situation in the College of Science and Technology. It's just the way I try to live. Maybe, I am just afraid to be a part of the difficulty.

It's a valuable effort to spend time with your council officers together with the other young student council leaders of the other four colleges and with the SSG Officers who facilitated the seminar. I believe, to the talk of how we can all be better in servicing the needs of the studentry. Also, to how we can develop our leadership skills and to focus on the personal growth and development of us as individuals.

Thanks, to Sir M, for a great team building advices and encouragement. We're here for ya, man! To Ma’am Rafil, the acting DSA of the university for guiding us with a lecture.

We all know that we belong to different colleges, who have some type of common purpose for connecting. It could be for work, fun, competition or any of a number of other reasons. But, what I have observed over and over again is that the council officers of other colleges get frustrated and don't perform together. As our council is concern, I think we’ll need more to concentrate on some aspect to improve our service. But, I am in high spirit to say that we all have a great bonding and have had working coordinately with one another. Respect really matter above all!

Good luck to the CSTSC Officers!


ryan said...

conrats mark... enjoy eh... ti ang love building naman ang next eh... hehehehe

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