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Last Tuesday I managed to attend to a class on CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) - 1. There was a lot of good info that interest me in enrolling to that class. But consciously, I dont know if I am to pursue the idea of taking the Certification exam. Maybe, later...or someday! What is great in taking the class is that - I'll not be attending class in CS 133 -( SAD ) System Analysis and Design. And my grade in CCNA-1 will reflect on my CS 133. But it is advisable to take both of the class.

Now for those of you who aren’t geeks, know this one thing, we will be facinated with acronyms.

www ftp tftp http abc IP BIOS RAM CD DVD ROFTL and etc.

Yeah, we will be taking long words and shortening them down. This acronyms will be common for us as the pace of our discussion continues.

I hope my 'networks' will be fine!


[ShawBoy] said...

Hi there! CCNA?! Wow nice!

Anyway just to give you a tip, in a networking career you don't have any scheduled time of work. Its not what a regular working day job but if your interest is into network support, why not give it a shot :)

I took up CCNA semesters back in college but my interest is to development. It is nice to have a background of Cisco too for the equipments available in the market are of the same language as of Cisco. :)

I had a hard time to choose if I am for network or for development but if your upto development, kaya mo yan for sure but if your into network kaya mo rin yan!

Hone your skills in what your interest is. :)

Good Luck!

jhay said...

Kamusta arvin? Paki-update naman ang link ko sa blogroll mo.

Heto ang bagong link ng blog ko: htt://jrocas.com.ph

Salamat! :D

Rob said...

woot! basta kapag hindi mo na kaya, nandyan naman ang cisco.nestlepoell.net/flip para sa final exam leakages... hahaha! pero hindi lagi online ang website... tuwing panahon lang ng mga final exams.

pero bago ka pumunta jan... mag aral ka muna... laging last option na yan dapat/ hehe.