Changing the future…

Changing the future by connecting the chain of hope.
Bringing the new light that we have shared.
Binding ropes that will tighten the quality of education.

We make Pathways.

Wants to connect with us?


vinkz said...

aethen! ako na naman ang mag-cocomment. haha nakaktuwa. anyway, ano yung pathways? organization para sa schools ng mindanao or whatever? hehe. nice t-shirt. I WANT ONE! padala mo dito ha. :P

Rob said...

nice pic ah! otso!

/iambrew said...

i like the shirt. wahehehe...

aethen said...

If you want to order the tshirt! just contact me! all sizes are available for 120.00 pesos only!
this is for fund-raising purposes!

Anonymous said...

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