The Sun up high

I believe that the hardest thing to do is to change – the world and my self.
It should start with me. But, how? If there is no bright future awaits me. How could I work with that future if at the moment I am worrying about it?

Time goes…

And I have wondered why it takes too long for the sun to shine, why can’t he show up in an instance and stay there for a long time. So that, our future will be sure bright and hot.
A brainless logic, I have thought about, because if such thing happens, we will be working every “time” since the sun is always up there. Though, some maybe will be hiding against the heat of it and will rest for a while or some might just be blinded by the overwhelming brightness of it and will become useless and will rest forever.

But, I prefer that the sun be always there. Though, I will get tired of doing things for making my self busy. For I know I am working for my future. Everyone should know that it is a gradual process and a limited construction of our forthcoming life. You’ll learn to appreciate the process of it – just plan for it and be optimistic.

We don't need to live as yesterday. It can be hard, but it's a certain. But yet, nothing is certain in this world but change. And all I know is that i can take it… gradually.

… but still I am worried – about my impending life on the horizon. I don’t know – but I know I am an incoherent person.

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