Aiming High: The 3rd National Pathways Youth Congress

Last April 5-8, delegates from all over the Philippines came to University of San Carlos - Talamban Campus, Cebu to attend the 3rd National Pathways Youth Congress with a theme "Aiming High". Institutions which came from Luzon were the Saint Louis University and Ateneo de Manila to name but a few. From Visayas, were the West Visayas University, University of San Carlos, University of the Philippines - Visayas and many more. While the cluster from Mindanao were the Notre Dame of Marbel University, Notre Dame of Tacurong College, Holy Cross College, Urios College, XU - Ateneo de Cagayan and the Ateneo de Zamboanga. Delegates from Universities and Colleges all over the Philippines went through a series of fun but informative Seminars and Workshops, "amazing" events, "out of the box" concerts of local bands in Cebu, and sumptuous meals that will surely bloated you up.

The Congress was held at the CAFA building of University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus. The 4-days Conference was very interesting and motivating there were workshops intended to inspire and to motivate the participants to promote the vision of the organization. The speakers were remarkably expert, credible and professional. The lectures were worthy of notes because it interest you effectively. There were too many companies and institutions that sponsored the conference to name a few, the sponsors were: Aboitiz, Pfizer, NestlĂ©, Julie’s franchise and many more.

It was totally a different experience, I have had won new friends and been able to attend the congress. It exceptionally teaches us to work and dream high, just like the theme spelled “Aim High”. It also addresses the mission of the Org. to work for the benefit and cause of the underprivileged and marginalized children in the country. Just like the famous clichĂ© in the congress that had been adapted from the Children’s Hour speakers, “…para sa mga bata”, a line that best described the awareness and concentration of our Aims, objectives and goals.
The participants also had undergone a project proposal training that aims to motivate and to stimulate the awareness of the participants and to address their concerns on how to help the young children of the society that needs help. The Overall activities in the conference were great and fun. I hope that on the next Pathways Youth Conference it would be more fun and interesting.

More power to Pathways and I’ll anticipate that on the next Pathways Youth Congress, more and more Youths will Aim High to promote the vision of helping our poor and deprived children in the society. Let’s Aim high to make our dreams possible and eventually, we may able to make these dreams be realized. But, to realize this, someone must make a path to light the life of these children. Because, for whatsoever cause of it, these are for the children.

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