I have the worst headache last week. I was stressed and pressured by my requirements for finals and my exams. My eyes feels like it is trying to escape from it's socket, and my vision is all blurry! It totally sucks. It must be a migraine, I feel queasy too!

It makes me hard to concentrate on much, especially on my final exams. I really have not reviewed all my subjects. I've just gambled my grades for the sake of having the requirements met and completed for graduation. But, I am still lucky that all the results were good.

My week was very busy and I have financial problems to be concerned with. It was a totally headache!

I truly don't have much interesting to say. I have spent much time in this computer .... so I sit and think about my head.


I think I'll need to be good and get some sleep.
I guess I'll need it.

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jhay said...

Ok lang yan, ginawa mo naman ang makakaya mo, konting tiis na lang, malapit na ang bakasyon. hehehe