Wowowee tragedy

I was in Demlong situated in the top of mountain ranges of Lake Sebu for an Outreach Program sponsored by the CCC-NDMU and the CST council together with the Departmental Officers when a text message received by my friend horrified us.

Text Message:

“kuya ang dami nmtay sa stampede sa wowowee…!”

We did not believe it at first but, when Enyek received the same news from his sister, we barely can’t believe it – it’s true. The text message reported that there were 60+ people and counting killed and many were missing by tragic stampede at ULTRA where the ABS-CBN’s Wowowee a hit lunchtime show celebrates its 1st year anniversary. The whole country seems mourning for this.

Openly, I have mixed feelings about it. I feel sorry and I want to express my sympathy to those people who were trodden underfoot as other people rush-in to find way-out to save their lives. Though, I’m not related to any of the victims of the tragedy I was very affected because, I know that many of these people were waiting in line to enter the venue a day before. Most of these people were financially incapable, fatefully; they try to test their luck for the million bucks that the show will be giving away.

Who would imagine that the anniversary of the show turns to a tragic incident for the number of people who by fate I believed gamble chance and were not aware of what might happen. Truly, death comes any time for all of us. God only knows.

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Rizalist said...

They hold the same feeding frenzy for the immensely desperate six days a week at noontime. Their ratings will probably go up because of this.