the other side of a circle

Midterm exam was over. I can do things now that I’m used to. Same routine and unusual things I have done. Maybe, it sounds boring and pathetic but, to tell you I enjoyed it in my own way.

I can now spend more time in internet cafes pressing keys and clicking mouse until my eyes will get tired. No one else owns the computer keys once they are under my fingers and no one can stop me from clicking the mouse as I point and click those icons and pop out of the screen’s window.

May interest to punch the computer keys and to click the mouse became my addiction. iNet is really a wonderful invention. Since, then I’ve noticed this obsession my days will become boring if I cant log to my favorite sites and play the latest online game.

But, what makes it not so practical is the money that I wasted every time I surf the net for the purpose of entertaining my self. I realize that I get hooked in the net because of the pleasure of amusement and not of the practical way. I’ve learned now, and I minimized my time I spent in internet. I rarely surf the net for the former reason, I’m more practical this time.

The routine that I’m used to seems to be boring – yes, this time! But, I saved money and have time for the things that I haven’t given’.


reg386 said...

good decision....

Lance said...

Good for you, Mark. Kumusta na ang Marbel? It's been a while since I've last been there.