The place I call Home!

Round Ball at Night
City of Koronadal, situated in South Cotabato, Mindanao. Most of the people who hear the name of this place, pictures a place in their minds a place where dead bodies, bombing and military men holding firearms exist and evident and they shiver, thankful! They do not have to go here. But I lived in Koronadal practically all my life until now. Unlike those who do not come from the province, I Love it, especially its people and their simple way of living.

City of Koronadal is locally known as Marbel which resembles the native description and physical appearance of the place long time ago.

In Marbel, passers-by readily offer you a helping hand whenever they see that you need a hand. The air is fresh, the sun is bright and turns even brighter when someone even you don’t know smiles at you and greets you hearty.

In spite of what most people think, Marbel is a peaceful and safe place to be and for living. Here, you only have to be wary of men holding M-16’s and you have only to watch out for ferocious dogs next door.

Living in Marbel is cheaper too. Here, I used to live on a Php 50.00 a day. Food, entertainment, transportation, clothing and etc –we all have that here in Marbel, it’s cheaper, too.

Although, I admit, guns and bombing are threatening us here sometimes and I, too, shiver, but for a totally different reason. I shiver for changes that might happen. For modernization calls for a change.

I shiver for the reason, that, I might not feel the fresh air; unpolluted, for I might not see those shining and friendly smiles; and for the life I used to. It’s not because I’m afraid of changes that might occur. Though, I cannot stop it because, just like what they say “the only constant in this world is changes”. It is because I love my home. You can call Marbel a war zone, a large hamlet. In fact you can call it anything you want. I do not care, for I call Marbel - City of Koronadal my Home Sweet Home.


Lance said...

Neat post, Mark. Namiss ko naman ang Marbel. Kumusta?

Aethen said...

Salamat Lance, Wala lng magawa and besides malapit na yong Hinugyaw Festival kaya naisipan ko na magpost ng isang article na related sa event or sa place... hindi pa nga ako masayado magaling magsulat, minsan nga nahihiya ako magpost ng mga gawa ko, naiisip ko na baka hindi nila maintindihan, o di kaya'y maraming maling grammar...

Kamusta ang Marbel? hmmm...? daw Marbel parin, marami lng ang nagbago at masmaraming activities and program during the festival... araw-araw daming pagbabago pero mabagal... pero kami ganun parin.

cguro masyado mo nang namimiss ang Marbel noh? last xmas vacation umuwi ka ba dito? d rin kasi ako nagattend ng reunion ei kaya di ko kayo nakita... sorry gid!

cge, salamat uli sa pagbisita sa munting blog ko.

Jehzeel said...

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