An Introduction: What-I-wish-for-Christmas.

No gift that you could send me would fill my Christmas tree. Why? it's simply because we don't have a Christmas tree.

But still gifts would fill my heart and fill my life with happiness and joy.
For true friends in my life are priceless, the way that it should be.

This Christmas I might be very materialistic. I have wish for so many things that will fulfill my need as a person. We all do, I guess!

But I also wish through a special prayer for a better living and health for my family, friends and love ones for the next year.

I wish also for so many wants that I wanted to have. Wants that others just wasted. Wants that have not given value. And Needs that cannot be easily obtained.

I wish every person that have this things that I wanted, realize the real value of it. For so many people in the world have wished for it and some of them needed it inevitability.

I wish every person in the world knows the joy of giving. because it really touches the presence of love and care.

Christmas is for giving that ties and binds you with happiness and with love.

I Hope Christmas will be filled with spirit and will touch our heart all year.
And may all the gifts that we wish for will be received and will come true.

Merry Christmas.

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