Some Reasons Why I Love NDMU...

Some Reasons Why I Love NDMU...

1.) Tuiton fee is very affordable and other undredictable payment is reasonable.

2.) Students are living life optimistically and proactivily. Passivism is a Big NO-No for them and they attend to activities more participatively than directively.

3.) Vandalism is also a Big NO-No for Students here who love to preserve everything in the campus.

4.) Students are procreation and Prolife. They give value for fetus to be born.

5.) NDMU is a great haven for sports. Athletics and other sports flourish since courts and facilities are located strategically and are always ready for public use. In addition , we have lots of sports equipments also taht would cater the needs of the students.

6.)Students never really tried cheating. Cheating is a moral sin in this campus. Students are diligent and Intelligent - Holy in every sense.

7.) Teachers never complain. They come on time and are always prepared for the lesson. They show mastery and experty in their respective field. They are also considerable and fair in every aspects.

8.) What more can you ask for? NDMU is a good learning institution for everyone. it is also a dreamland. No one will contradict nor complain if you are day dreaming impossible things, anytime and anywhere. This ia the utmost reason whi I love NDMU. Everyone is free to imagine things that is very different from reality.

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