Naruto mania

Okay, I take back what I said about Naruto. This episode reminded me of why I LOVE this show so much. In one episode, you can find action, comedy, drama, and it makes for a perfect series. It doesn’t just cover the fighting, but it also goes in-depth about the characters as well. You can relate to the characters, especially if you grew up being rejected by your peers. Both Naruto and Gaara were shunned by their entire community because of their hatred for what they had inside of them, and it made them feel like they were never wanted or loved in this world. The one unversal thing that people want more than anything else is to be acknowledged and accepted by others. Without that, you’ll feel so lonely that you’ll even start to believe that your existence doesn’t mean anything to anyone. Finally, after learning only to hate others, Gaara finally realizes that Naruto is a strong opponent because of his love and his promise to protect the people most precious to him.

The second half of the show was dedicated to the Hokage as he was being laid to rest. It was very nicely done, and everyone from the Leaf was present to pay their respects to the man who fought to protect those precious to him.

Although I’ve read this section of the manga several times, I still get teary-eyed watching the last few moments of Hokage’s life as he looks at Orochimaru for the last time. Although he wasn’t able to take Orochimaru’s soul with him, he was able to seal his arms, thus disabling him from performing any future Jutsus. Meanwhile, Naruto succeeded in beating Gaara, but not without the help of the Nine Tails and the great Oyabin. It was definitely an exciting battle, and both fought to the best of their ability.

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