I really Love Math!

I love Math. Because, Math is much more about doing than about reading. Doing computation of problems especially in Calculus. For me math is the easiest subject in any course. Jomae and I always find time to join math related activities. We are very enthusiast of learning math. But, actually I don’t know how I came to love math. It is maybe of the following reasons:

I love Math because I get a high grade in this field. I even get a 99 or an equivalent of 1.0 rating in other university. I don’t know why!
I love Math because it is “FUN”, it is fun in the sense that it can sometimes be a little TOO much of a challenge.
I love Math because it connects me to “trouble”. Yes, trouble because I got troubled with my Trigo Instructor during the 2nd sem of my first year study in NDMU. It is because maybe of my mischievous attitude. But, that was not main reason why I got troubled and received 95% final grade instead of 98%. My instructor deducted 3% in my total computed grade for finals, because of that (?) /* too confidential */.
I love Math because I became one of the advisers of the Enrichment program of Pathways to Higher Education every Saturday.
I love Math because I love Numbers and problems. Weird! Yes, it is very unusual to see a person who loves problems. Right now I’m taking Computer Science and I don’t like it. Very ironic isn’t it? ComSci needs a lot of computing skills and flexible mind. It has so many problems solving application. But I’m tired and sick of it. The truth is - I really don't like wasting my time in front of a computer and getting my eyes ruined... and I want to inclined to business accounting ( my original plan)… Still I love Math. Very cynical and sarcastic as I am.

I don’t know why so many students hate math? I know that Math is all about building up concepts, and if you miss just one concept you can be in trouble. But that would not happen if you know how to order the concept.

Maybe, it is because, of the biggest mistake that students make when studying Math. They tend to give- up once they encounter difficulties. And maybe they then avoid the subject in favor of other subjects and this only makes the problem worse.

Here I’ll give you tips on how you will learn to love Math.

First when studying math, you need to take it SLOW, and understand EACH STEP, and don't hesitate to ask questions. You will, after a while, start to understand it more clearly, and then you will want to do more and more and hopefully surprise yourself. Math is very EASY.
Good luck.

The physicists defer only to mathematicians, and the mathematicians defer only to God...
- Leon M. Lederman


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genesis said...

atik mark di ba ingon nimo dati u ought to curse the mathematicians for having dumped us lots of formulas!!!anyways, people do get upgraded hehe!!i'm proud ur one..me i'm stuck in my own room i prefered to exclude myself from the many things catered by our school..dami ata affiliations natin ah!(astig)its my exam tomorow la pa ko study.. cge got to go na i have to do my project which was far overdue hehe last month pa deadline di pa ko nakapasa patayin tlaga ako ni sir

LUC√ćA said...

im desperate looking for something in math that makes me have a passion for it. I want to love it.. i need to. Im gonna be a biologist, starting university in a year.. i need to love math. I WISH I LOVED IT LIKE YOU DO :(